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How much would it cost to manage my Insta

Don’t you get tired of managing your Instagram? Find out how much it would cost to have itmanaged for you every month with this handy Instagram cost calculator in under a minute.

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Are you an individual,
startup or established business?

ie. this answer reflects what type of audience you have to think of when marketing on Instagram

how many posts a day would you want?

ie. How active do you want to appear to your followers, 3 a day is the maximum we recommend otherwise it borders on spam

will you provide the imagery?

ie. How will the images be provided to be used for every post

do you provide
the content for the posts?

ie. the hastags for each post, the content to write in the description of a post

your custom Instagram managed account price


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  • Individual, startup or business

  • How many posts a day would you want?

  • Will you provide imagery?

  • Will you provide content for the posts?

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